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Meet the Team

Gary Bulley
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Gary is a highly qualified and experienced engineer with over 40 years spent in the Motor Industry.

He repaired his first Land Rover in 1975 aged 12 and has been involved in their repair, modification and restoration ever since.

With a truly outstanding career as a mechanical engineer Gary has moved from a fully indentured apprenticeship to the Director of three companies and Head of Innovation for one of the largest lease and contract hire companies in the world over the last four decades.

Aside from being a Director of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers he specialises in the development and modification of Diesel and Petrol engines.

25 years in Motorsport have honed his skills and abilities to ensure he can deliver on all aspects of vehicle preparation and repair.


Mike Woodgate

Mike is a knowledgeable engineer who has been qualified for over 12 years. His skills and abilities have been honed by his time as a professional within the industry and by his own personal projects. His gusto and meticulous eye ensures  all his work is carried out an exceptional standard.

His enthusiasm for all things mechanical started at an early age and he has always been happiest with dirt on his face and oil under his finger nails.

It was Mike’s step father who was the catalyst for his interest in Land Rover’s; running a successful off-road training facility from their family home. His passion for the brand was escalated further on meeting his now wife Gemma and being introduced to her father Gary. With Gary and Mike’s mutual passion for Land Rover; Dartmoor 4x4 was born.

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